STEP1: Content creation

More content means more audience. Trying to keep up regular content creation can be a daunting task along with all the other tasks on your plate. Keeping a human touch whilst optimizing for top keywords in your industry is also a fine art. Use a professional writer today to grow your audience.

STEP2: Social media marketing

By not engaging with online audiences, businesses are missing out on thousands of potential customers. But just being on social media isn’t enough. Research shows 71% of people who receive a quick brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others. This means you need to interact with your followers — quickly and effectively.

STEP3: Adwords marketing

Trying to get on the first page of Google without being a career long SEO expert is difficult, but Adwords Marketing offers the opportunity to be visible precisly when potential customers are searching for you. Hire an Adwords Marketing professional to get the most of out Adwords powerful targeting and retargeting capabilities.

STEP4: SEO backlinks

You know links are important but you need to make sure you're getting quality links. The right ones can make sure your site is indexed faster. Backlinks also bring in referral traffic which tends to have low bounce rates.

STEP5: On-site SEO

Structuring your site properly to be indexed by search engines is the most efficient way to get constant traffic. Using the right keywords on site, creating the right links and making sure each page has the right tags will increase the chance your site is picked up by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Hire an SEO professional today to start improving performance.