STEP1: Hosting and installation

Buy a domain name from or, arrange hosting, and select email package if required. Make sure your blog is configured properly to work with your domain by following the instructions on your blog and domain dashboards.

STEP2: Logo Design

Increase your reach with a logo for your website. When sharing your site content across different channels such as social or newsletters, your logo will instantly draw your audience's attention to your product or service.

STEP3: Website design

Web design is crucial to getting visitors to do what you want, whether its read more, download content or buy a product, a designer will plan the best user journey through the site and create the look and feel that keeps users hanging around for longer. Delight your audience with beautiful user experiences.

STEP4: Website development

The final component in creating your fully functioning website. A developer will take care of all the programming required to bring your design to life. Whether you need features such as data collection, or implementing analytics and tracking, a professional developer will get it right.