Lujain M.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
$10 /hour
Digital Photography Film Photography Graphic Design Advertising Design

About lujain

I love design and digital art, and looking to apply my degree knowledge on leading- edge designing projects and manage a development team within organizations. I have experience in the Adobe Suite, Animation, Sound and video editing as well as photography. I also like woking in teams as i learn from other people's experiences and get inspired to create new things and push my own limitations.

References (4)

Adobe InDesign
comic animated proverbs

Animated book of 8 provebs visualized literally using cenimagraphs gifs and composited ele ments in a comic form.Show moreShow less

Adobe InDesign
interactive history e-book of queen Hatshepsut

interactive simplified bibliography of the great Ancient Egyptian queen Hatshepsut. the e- book allows the audience of all ages to interact and click around to know more about the queen in a non-traditional manner.Show moreShow less

Adobe InDesign
Heart of the Night - Naguib Mahfouz e-book

a fun, animated ebook of a novel by the great Egyptian author, Naguib Mahfouz that transfe rs the reader to the time the novel is taking place and visually interprets the events of the novel.Show moreShow less


brand identity, creative advertising designs