For growing companies looking to hire experts on a freelance or contract basis whether to complete a project or to fill in for staff temporarily then Nabbesh is the marketplace to find high quality freelancers.
Our team will consult you on the work needed, ensure you are matched with the most suitable freelancers and stay with you all along the way until the work is delivered and you're 100% happy!
Top talent, no hassle, get work done!
Here is how Nabbesh helps you every step of the way:

Why should I post a job on Nabbesh?

Finding the right talent for a job is one of the biggest challenges companies face today and when it comes to freelancers and contractors, the challenge is even bigger. The Nabbesh team has a wealth of experience across many industries and offers a consultative approach to help you in nailing your requirements as well as the right budget for the work. In a nutshell, Nabbesh helps you:

Save Time: No need to spend hours asking around for recommendations, filtering 100s of applicants, negotiating rates, trying a freelancer and making mistakes. The Nabbesh team will always try to only invite freelancers who match your requirement and budget.

Save Money: Hiring experts to do a job translates into cost savings. Why?

  • The freelancer is incentivised to provide you with a great service and move forward to their next project which means a higher productivity
  • The freelancer is an expert in the field which means less room for trial and error and spending extra time on fixing mistakes
  • Local freelancers or freelancers from around the world mean a wider spread in terms of budget and less fees spent on hiring and onboarding full time employees!

Flexibility: Enjoy the benefits of a freelance workforce. No long term commitment. Scale up or down your team according to your needs.

Access to local and virtual talent: Unlike other platforms, Nabbesh can connect you with on-site local talent as well as remote talent to deliver on any job and budget you may have.

What types of jobs can I post on Nabbesh?

With over 950 different skills on Nabbesh, you can find an expert for almost every job you may have however below are some examples of what can be done via Nabbesh freelancers:

  • Get a new brand identity for your company. Find experts in logo design, corporate identity, stationery designs and other brand related items
  • Revamp or build your company website. Find top developers with a wide skillset who are capable to develop basic wordpress sites, campaign specific microsites, e-commerce platforms, and more
  • Build a mobile App. Have an idea you want to implement? Get top iOS and Android developers to deliver on your mobile apps
  • Revamp or develop your company’s marketing collateral. Choose from a range of award winning copywriters and designers who can work with you on developing high impact marketing material. Bonus! Hire translators and get your message out there in many languages
  • Throw a company event. Hire from a range of event planners, photographers, videographers and MCs, local and international artists that can help you throw a great party!
  • Outsource all admin tasks. Hire a virtual PA that can help you organize your life and manage your calendar. Find great freelancers to help you do market research, do basic data-entry jobs and answer your calls!

How do I hire on Nabbesh?

Once your job is approved by our moderator, we'll match on average 5 of the most suitable freelancers. You can then review all quotes and either request an interview in order to get more information or award the job. All communication should be done via Nabbesh, below are a few things you can do on Nabbesh:

  • Chat with the freelancer about the project scope, deliverables, timeframes and challenges
  • Refine the scope with our help, and kickoff your project when you're both ready
  • Share files/screenshots via Nabbesh as you go, keeping everything in one place
  • Make payments safely on the platform and benefit from our escrow services

In the event where you need to contact the freelancer outside of Nabbesh (via phone, Skype) always ensure you log any scope changes onto Nabbesh otherwise we would not be able to help you resolve any disputes in the event they arise.

All work should be logged and paid for via Nabbesh. Any attempts to complete the work outside of Nabbesh would result in a disconnection of your account and that of the freelancer.

What about my rights?

Each job on Nabbesh is bound by our Terms of Business including IP ownership, terms of work, non-disclosure and confidentiality and basic dispute resolution. If you require any addition contracts to be signed or to add any terms not included in our Terms of Business, you can attach these terms onto the workflow with the freelancer and get their agreement on these terms. Any additional terms outside of our Terms of Business will not be covered by Nabbesh mediation and dispute resolution services.

How and when do I pay the Freelancer?

Posting a job on Nabbesh is free! The only time you pay is when you choose a freelancer to work with. A deposit will normally be required by Nabbesh to get the work started. The value of the deposit will be calculated based on the type, duration and budget for the work needed. All deposits remain in escrow and no funds will be released to freelancers without your approval. All payments to the freelancer must be made through Nabbesh and we provide several payment options to suit your needs.

Happy hiring!

Post a Job

Posting a job on Nabbesh is easy and takes less than 2 minutes! You can hire anything from web developers, designers, translators and copywriters to photographers and events professionals and more!

It’s all in the details!

The more details you provide us about a job you’re trying to do or what you’re trying to achieve, the more you help us in finding you the right freelancer. You don’t have all the info? No problem. Our team will help you refine your requirements and guide you along the way! Once you post a job our team will follow up with you as we have an extensive experience in developing project scopes and budget estimation for a variety of jobs, we’ll make sure you get the best deal!

Don’t worry, we’ll be with you 24/7 to support you along the way and answer any questions!

Why make a deposit?

Once your job is approved and you want the freelancer to get started on the project, you will be required to pay a deposit. The value of the deposit will be calculated based on the type, duration and budget for the work needed.

Payment of a deposit will provide the freelancer with the confidence to get started on the project and will imply to them that you are serious about getting the project completed. Our aim is to create a trusted marketplace and for everyone to have a great experience on Nabbesh and that means, both the clients and the freelancers need to show commitment.

All deposits remain in escrow and no funds will be released to freelancers without your approval. All payments to the freelancer must be made through Nabbesh and we provide several payment options to suit your needs.

Job Guidelines.

Almost any job can be posted on Nabbesh as long as it is to hire freelance/ contract based talent. All jobs will be reviewed by our moderators in order to ensure quality and clarity of scope. We ask you to be fair when balancing scope and budget otherwise we will not be able to approve your job and connect you with our screened and handpicked freelancers. (Play nice! Jobs that deal with illegal products and services, and/or copyrighted and trademarked materials will be rejected.)

Help us build a trusted marketplace where freelancers are encouraged to build their reputation on Nabbesh. Do not ask our freelancers to send you their CVs or contact you via e-mail or mobile. This would be in violation of our Terms of Business. Remember Nabbesh is not a classified site, so post a job only when you have a genuine need and you need to get started on the work within less than a week.

24/7 Customer Support!

Our customer support team prides itself on making you happy and ensuring your project runs smoothly, from start to finish. Our team is available via email if you have any questions at any time.

Selection Process

Once you've posted a job, we'll match you with freelancers from our community in less than 48 hours. The goal of Nabbesh is to ensure that each job is matched with the right professional, every single time. Once we've connected you with a freelancer you can then finalize the scope of work, timeline and any other details and get started!

Contracts & Legal

Contract Agreements

Although you're unlikely to experience any issues working with the freelancers on Nabbesh, we understand that you need protection.

Most issues arise from a lack of clear communication and expectations so we clearly outline our Terms & Conditions to each new member of Nabbesh before they sign up for an account. All members on Nabbesh are required to read everything about IP ownership, non-disclosure agreements, and ownership of assets before working on or submitting a project.

IP Protection

When working with a freelancer, the client retains all proprietary rights of project deliverables. Read more.

To protect both the client and freelancer, any copyrightable results prepared by a freelancer related to a contract on Nabbesh are owned by the freelancer until payment has been made by the client and accepted by the freelancer. Read more.

Payments & Security

We're committed to building a trusted, collaborative marketplace. We want you to have a wonderful experience. Because nothing is more important to us than ensuring your project runs smoothly, from start to finish.

Escrow guarantee

Once a client is matched with a freelancer, and the scope is agreed upon by both sides, part or all of the funds are temporarily transferred to a secure escrow account. When the project is complete and delivered, the client confirms the work and triggers the release of the funds to the freelancer.

  • Deposit the funds in Nabbesh Escrow
  • Funds are held in a secure account while the freelancer works on the project
  • When the client receives the deliverables, they trigger the release of the funds by marking the project as complete at the final payment request from the freelancer

Payment Protection:

All financial transactions on Nabbesh are facilitated through our secure system, ensuring peace of mind for both clients and freelancers. In order to ensure your money is safe and secure, only you can trigger the release of these funds to your professional after your approval of project results.

If project payment is completed outside of Nabbesh, we cannot guarantee any protection of funds, protection as outlined in our Terms & Conditions, or offer customer support. In addition to that payments made outside of Nabbesh will be subject to our fees & penalties as outlined in our Terms of Business.

Nabbesh Fees:

Nabbesh charges the freelancer a 15% service fee for each project to cover payment security, all transaction fees and the cost of running the site. Our pricing policy is currently under review and our rate structure may be subject to change in order to improve your freelancer experience. All rate changes will be communicated in advance.