For expert talent that is looking to freelance, Nabbesh is the ultimate marketplace connecting top freelancers with high quality jobs posted by the region's top SMEs and multinational companies. Our promise to give clients access to top talent helps us attract top companies from the region and the world who are looking to get quality work. And because we take care of our community, all jobs posted on Nabbesh will be moderated and clients will be checked for seriousness, at the end of the day we don't want your effort to be spent in vain!
All clients will be required to pay a deposit at the start of the work, this is yet another indicator about the client's intention to pursue the work. Nabbesh will hold funds in escrow and will release them to you at job completion. Our team will be with you along the way to make sure you're 100% happy and paid!
Lastly, our promise to you is that Nabbesh is a quality marketplace, which means fewer people bidding on a project, something which won't result in a price war where the lowest price wins.
So if you're looking to get a stream of quality jobs and earn a good income, then make Nabbesh your home.
Here is how Nabbesh helps you every step of the way:

How do I become a freelancer on Nabbesh?

If you are interesting in freelancing, here is what you need to do:

  • Sign up on Nabbesh.com and select 'Find Freelance Work'
  • Click 'Complete Profile' and fill in the application form.
  • Once you have completed the form your Nabbesh profile will be created. Try to make sure you have put up to date portfolio samples, relevant skills and your detailed work experience. This really does help you win more work on Nabbesh.
  • Tip: Having a profile picture and cover photo can really enhance your Nabbesh profile.

Once you've created your profile you'll receive relevant jobs based on the skills and portfolio you have uploaded!

How do I win jobs on Nabbesh?

It all starts with a good job! When a client posts a job on Nabbesh, our account managers will be in touch with them to ensure that the job is well described and that the client is serious about their requirements.

Once we do so, we will match every client with suitable Nabbesh freelancers who can do the work and if you’re one of them, then you’ll be invited to send a quote to the client. To increase your chances to be matched to jobs follow these few steps:

  • Make sure your quote is fairly priced and your application is professional and addresses the client needs
  • Make sure to send your quote as soon as you have been matched with a job. If you consistently choose not to send quotes then your chances of being matched will be decreased
  • Do not share contact details at the initial stages (e-mail, phone, skype, others.) or attempt to take the conversation off Nabbesh or work directly with the client. Once you do so, your account will be flagged by our system and you will not be matched to any more jobs

Ok now that I won a job, how and when do I start working?

Each job on average will have 5 freelancers quoting for it which dramatically increases your chances of winning work. You’re no longer competing against 100s of freelancers who keep driving the prices down. You're competing against quality.

Once a client has accepted your bid, they may need to have some discussions with you. At that point, sharing contact details is acceptable as we want to ensure you deliver perfect work! Only start working after the client has paid the deposit in escrow.

Keep all project milestones and changes in scope logged on your Nabbesh workflow, it is the only way we can help you in the event you face any issues with the client.

Manage the client’s expectations at all times, communicate changes in scope clearly, communicate any expected delays or changes in rates, etc. Our experience shows us that the best way to complete jobs successfully is to manage the client’s expectations and communicate often. Remember you are never alone, our account managers and support team are there to support you from job start to finish!

Once the job has been completed you need to use the 'Payment Request' button on the workspace of the clients job mentioning the complete payment amount. The client will only have to pay the remaining balance, as the escrow payment will be deducted from the final 'Payment Request' sent through Nabbesh.

Contracts & Legal

Developing a contract that protects both sides is one of the most daunting tasks in any project. Luckily, every project on Nabbesh starts with a built-in set of agreements, including IP ownership, contract termination, non-disclosure agreements, ownership of assets, and basic dispute resolution.

Contract Agreements

Although you're unlikely to experience any issues working with the clients on Nabbesh, we understand that you need protection.

Most issues arise from a lack of clear communication and expectations so we clearly outline our Terms & Conditions to each new member of Nabbesh before they sign up for an account. All members on Nabbesh are required to read everything about IP ownership, non-disclosure agreements, and ownership of assets before working on or submitting a project.

IP Protection

To protect both the client and freelancer, any copyrightable results prepared by a freelancer related to a contract on Nabbesh are owned by the freelancer until payment has been made by the client and received by the freelancer.

Payments & Security

We're committed to building a trusted, collaborative marketplace. We want you to have a wonderful experience. Because nothing is more important to us than ensuring your project runs smoothly, from start to finish.

Escrow guarantee

Once a client is matched with a freelancer, and the scope is agreed upon by both sides, part or all of the funds are temporarily transferred to a secure escrow account. When the project is complete and delivered, the client confirms the work and triggers the release of the funds to the freelancer.

  • Receive the funds in Nabbesh Escrow
  • Funds are held in a secure account while you are working on a project
  • Send a 'Payment Request' at the end of the project and receive all funds via your preferred payment method through Nabbesh

Payment Protection:

All financial transactions on Nabbesh are facilitated through our secure system, ensuring peace of mind for both clients and freelancers. In order to ensure your money is safe and secure, make sure to deliver on the project milestones and to invoice the client once the project has been completed. You can also invoice the client regularly (weekly/ monthly) if the project extends over a period of time.

If for any reason the client decided not to continue the project, all funds available in escrow will be released to you. Such situations are one of the reasons why we recommend you break down big projects into milestones and you invoice the client regularly. For example if the project value is $10,000 it’s best to invoice at smaller milestones for example once the value of work has reached $2500 or so.

Once you receive payment via Nabbesh, your funds will be transferred to you within a maximum of 14 days. We currently have 2 payments cycles, the first is on the 15th of every month and the second is on the 30th of every month. This timeline will certainly be shortened in the near future.

If project payment is completed outside of Nabbesh, we cannot guarantee any protection of funds, protection as outlined in our Terms & Conditions, or offer customer support. In addition to that payments made outside of Nabbesh will be subject to our fees & penalties as outlined in our Terms of Business.