Nabbesh's Student Business Ambassador's Program

  1. What is the Nabbesh SBA program?

    The Nabbesh SBA Program is an exclusive opportunity for university students exhibiting leadership qualities to gain real-world business experience liaising between their student communities and Nabbesh. SBA’s will gain practical hands-on skills while helping to lead and empower their fellow students into the workforce the Nabbesh way.

    You will be an Ambassador to your fellow students by sharing basic educational tools Nabbesh offers to students:

    • Tips to create marketable Nabbesh profiles that will help them find jobs
    • Exposure to freelance, flexible-work and entrepreneurship opportunities
    • Teaching students what employers look for in entry-level candidates
    • Practical career guidance and interview practice
    • Access to a large business and employer community seeking their skills

    Requirements: You must be a current university student enrolled in a full or part-time degree program. The program requires approximately 10 hours of your time each month to engage in virtual hangouts, educational opportunities, networking sessions, and on-campus events. You are not required to live in the UAE, but you are required to live in the greater MENA region.

    Duration: The SBA program is a renewable 3 month arrangement between Nabbesh and the SBA candidate. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

  2. What does Nabbesh look for in an SBA candidate?

    Nabbesh looks for current university students who are preferably in their senior year and possess the following characteristics:

    • Leadership: an ability to inspire and instill action among the student body
    • Positive mindset: an ability to see open doors instead of walls
    • Energy: someone who can campaign tirelessly for a cause/ brand
    • Inspiration: the ability to inspire other students towards their future careers
    • Curiosity: the willingness to contribute ideas and learn in the process

    What else does an attractive SBA have?

    • Presence on social networks (leading a Facebook group, is an admin in a Facebook fan page, has a large presence on twitter, instagram or Facebook)
    • Membership/ leadership role in university clubs
    • Experience in organizing/ taking part in events
    • Good contacts among the university’s career services/admin staff

  3. Why work with Nabbesh?

    SBA’s have the opportunity to be part of the exciting technology start-up scene in the UAE and greater MENA region by joining the fastest growing and most exciting start-up in Dubai. If you have an entrepreneurial flair or dream of starting your own business, then gaining hands-on business experience is vital to your success.

    If you would like to promote a worthy brand, if you care about your community and if you want to make a difference in people’s lives, then Nabbesh is a great fit for you.

    At Nabbesh, our vision is to help showcase the best in people’s skills to help everyone find jobs, particularly the youth of the Middle East.

    Do you want to be part of Nabbesh’s vision? Are you excited by the prospect of helping your fellow students enrich their lives by finding meaningful jobs?

    Do you want to learn from the best and work with a winning team? Do you want to contribute and have your ideas heard? Do you want to have “Nabbesh” on your CV?

    If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then the Nabbesh SBA program is a great starting point for you.

  4. What activities will an SBA be involved in?

    SBA’s will act as Ambassadors and evangelists to their student populations, and be involved in activities, including, but not limited to the following:

    • Promote Nabbesh’s brand on campus: wear our fun Nabbesh t-shirts, give out brand t-shirts or other merchandizing items
    • Pitch the Nabbesh way of work to students and faculty on campus. Be proud of being the brand Ambassador.
    • Organizing and leading events/ activities on and off campus (don’t worry, we will give you all the tools for success!)
    • Getting friends, opinions leaders, and school faculty on campus to understand how Nabbesh can help students and universities.
    • Creating opportunities to talk and write about Nabbesh in university Facebook pages, twitter accounts, publications, and videos.
    • Create cool on-campus content (e.g., videos) showcasing skills to be published on Nabbesh’s social channels.

  5. Rewards:

    Being a Student Brand Ambassador does come with a few perks... :-)

    • Leading on campus while gaining hands-on business experience and exposure to Nabbesh’s team and greater community
    • Access to training and workshops with our team and business partners
    • Being a part of an important cause: empowering others to find work!
    • Ambassador badge on your Nabbesh profile; rating by our Nabbesh team to improve your changes of finding future work through Nabbesh.
    • Networking opportunities with your fellow Ambassadors and Nabbesh staff
    • Special Access: you will be the first to know about Nabbesh’s newest products, initiatives, and technology
    • Nabbesh swag... t-shirts and fun owl gear! Trust us!
    • Nabbesh SBA award & recommendation upon successful completion of the program

We invite you to apply today!

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