STEP1: Blog post writing

The cornerstone of content marketing, blog post writing will expand your reach across the web. Business blogging at scale is time consuming but with our professional writers, you can turn out frequent industry specific posts that will draw in quality leads.

STEP2: Newsletter content

Communicating with your existing customers is the most under utilised revenue generator today. A newsletter is an essential tool for any internet business. It enables you to connect with your users, run marketing campaigns, boost customers loyalty and drive traffic back to your website.

STEP3: Press releases

Tell your brand story to the media properly. A high quality press release needs to be crafted using the industry-standard format of the 5 Ws (What, Why, Where, Who, When). Use it to announce the launch of a new promotion, product line, or to align your company with current trends.

STEP4: Social media content

Have the passion for Social Media but not the time? Perhaps you're unsure if your brand should go heavy on the memes or not. Get quality social media content by those who have opted to do this for a living.

STEP5: Social media marketing

By not engaging with online audiences, businesses are missing out on thousands of potential customers. But just being on social media isn’t enough. Research shows 71% of people who receive a quick brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others. This means you need to interact with your followers — quickly and effectively.