Keyword research is the "key" to successful SEO. The words and phrases you choose will determine your search engine ranking, and the number of visitors. There are free research tools available, but these won't be tailored to your strategy, and could mean you waste money.

Work Samples

What We Offer

Get the best keywords for your site to target with clear explanation of the best and most profitable ones to use
Detailed report that could include the following:
Variations investigated
Search Volumes
Competition - the number of other sites optimized for the keyword are detailed, competition strength, and average PR of top ten sites per keyword
SEO difficulty: ranking difficulty based on several on-page and off-page factors
Keyword Effectiveness Index (ratio of competition to searches): shows keywords with high ROI
Estimated Adwords CPC
Your current ranking for each keyword

* The sample works listed are for educational purposes and are not necessarily produced by our freelancers