STEP1: Hosting & Installation

Buy a domain name from or, arrange hosting, and select email package if required. Make sure your blog is configured properly to work with your domain by following the instructions on your blog and domain dashboards.

STEP2: Logo Design

Increase your reach with a logo for your blog. If your blog is syndicated, a logo will make it stand out and generate recognition. When communicating across different channels such as social or newsletters, your logo will instantly draw your audience's attention to your content.

STEP3: Themes

There are thousands of Wordpress themes to choose from. Browse Themeforest or use other aggregators to select from the right layout for you. From photojournalism themes or magazine style layouts, there's a something for everyone! Both free and premium themes can be customized later on.

STEP4: Theme customization

Depending on your exact requirements, you'll need to customize the theme you've bought to really make your blog your own. These can range from your own style sheets, social plugins to display your content and encourage followers, newsletter subscription and more.

STEP5: Content creation

Publishing high-quality content will improve your SEO rankings, help attract more visitors to your site, inform your market about your business, educate buyers on your products and keep prospects engaged. Hire a professional wordsmith today to position you as an industry thought leader.